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A Fee That Actually Makes Sense

$9,500 Flat Fee Per Year

Doing As We Say, Saying What We Mean

When we say we are committed to transparency, saving you money and being true financial planners (not salespeople)—we mean it. Our flat fee structure is a reflection of the values that we stick to.

Here’s How Our Flat Fee Benefits You:

Simplest Approach

One fee. No commissions. No percentages. No uncertainty about the incentives behind the advice. No higher charges for greater assets. No rising cost as your portfolio grows.

Great Value for Larger Portfolios

1% might not seem like a lot, but it is. If you have a large portfolio, that 1% charged by other advisors is usually well above our $9,500 flat fee.

Fairest Way with Maximum Objectivity

Advisors stand to benefit from various recommendations when charging a percentage fee or working on commissions. A flat fee minimizes conflicts of interest, meaning all of our advice is tailored to you and your life.

Have A Question About Our Fees?

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