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Bradley is a true expert in the critical discipline of Retirement Income Planning, and he loves sharing his expertise with different audiences.  He can de-mystify a variety of important decisions and strategies:

  • Articulating retirement income goals (Needs vs. Wants & Wishes)
  • Selecting the right Retirement Income approach
  • Optimizing Social Security claiming decisions
  • Evaluating lump sum pension offers
  • Building “personal pensions” using income annuities
  • Building Bond Ladders to drive predictable income
  • Evaluating the need for Long-Term Care insurance
  • Building & managing evidence-based Growth Portfolios to finance Wants & Wishes
  • Designing Roth Conversion strategies
  • Managing the 18 risks people face when planning & managing retirement income


95% of retirement income experts operate under significant conflicts of interest.

Insurance and annuity salespeople earn massive commissions which often causes them to push people into products inappropriately.

Almost all investment managers earn a percentage of the portfolio they manage, which givens them a strong financial incentive to recommend against retirement income strategies like annuities, life insurance and deferring Social Security.

In stark contrast to all these commission & percentage advisors, Bradley charges all his clients a fixed flat fee, which eliminates troubling conflicts of interest, and ensures that his retirement income advice is objective.


Bradley is one of only 2% of advisors holding both the CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) and the RICP® (Retirement Income Certified Professional) designations.

He served as Publisher of The Motley Fool, where he helped millions make better financial decisions.

Bradley founded and leads Clark Asset Management, a flat fee wealth management firm specializing in retirement income planning.

He holds his BA from Harvard University, and his MBA from Stanford (where he studied Portfolio Theory with Nobel Laureate Bill Sharpe).

You can read more about Bradley here.


Bradley has produced a variety of Retirement Income resources:


Bradley is available for guest spots on podcasts and radio shows.  He is also available for journalist interviews, speaking & other collaborations.  He enjoys sharing his expertise and explaining complex material in a clear, understandable and compelling way. 

If you would like to arrange an appearance or interview with Bradley, please email Bradley@BradleyClark.com or call 703-969-9070.