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Be the Bird: How to Avoid the $1 Trillion “Wealth Management” Shakedown and Protect & Enjoy Your Assets for Life

In my book, Be the Bird, I lay out the key retirement, tax, insurance and investing strategies in an approachable and practical way. I show you how to weave those threads together, all while avoiding the most costly and problematic products

And I don’t stop there. Having a great plan (with great products) is not sufficient on its own. So, I also show you how to cultivate a feeling of relaxed confidence in your financial life—a feeling that eludes all too many.

Read Be the Bird for a simple and clear roadmap to solving your financial puzzle for retirement and learning how to remain relaxed and confident for the long term.


“If you’re retired or planning to do so in near future, Be the Bird is filled with great advice on not only investing, but also estate and tax planning, showing strategies that maximize wealth while managing risks.”

Larry Swedroe

Head of Financial and Economic Research
Buckingham Wealth Partners

What You Will Learn

  • How I rebuilt my confidence – and why you should care (p. 15) 
  • 6 simple steps to enjoying the feeling of relaxed confidence in your financial life (p. 24)
  • How to protect your assets from the 9 major financial risks we face in retirement (p. 80)
  • The brutal truth about stock picking (p. 122) 
  • How to design the perfect portfolio (p. 159) 
  • My 7 favorite high impact tax strategies (p. 183) 
  • How the 2 dominant financial advisor compensation schemes can wreck your portfolio (p. 235) 
  • 9 experts you need to follow (p. 248)

“Bradley Clark guides his reader through the mosaic of investment decisions in simple and straightforward terms. He provides important advice for those near retirement, which is the most critical time in everyone’s investment life, and he provides cogent advice on selecting and using an investment advisor. Unlike many books on investing, Brad tells it like it is – no gaslighting.”

Ron Surz

President of Target Date Solutions
Co-Host of Baby Boomer Investing Show

About the Author

Bradley Clark, CFP®, RICP® is the founder of Clark Asset Management, a leading fixed flat fee wealth management firm helping pre-retirees and retirees protect and enjoy their assets. In addition to serving their clients, Bradley and his team are helping transform the shady financial advice industry into a helping profession.