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FREE Retirement Income Cheat Sheet:

"10 Easy Steps to a Worry Free Retirement"

You're about to discover some of my favorite & proven retirement planning tips:

  1. The 12 risks to your retirement income

  2. How to get an extra $200K in Social Security checks

  3. Why your financial advisor could be steering you in the wrong direction

  4. How to articulate your needs, wants and wishes

  5. The 4 ways to manage your financial risk

  6. The 3 benefits of a bond ladder & the specific ETFs I’ll ask you to buy

  7. Why most annuities are total garbage

  8. The 2 types of income annuities you should care about

  9. My 4 critical evidence-based investment secrets

  10. The 3 investment “anomalies” that made Warren Buffett super rich

  11. The 3-part formula for making sure you take exactly the right amount of risk in your portfolio

  12. The 2 “no brainer” mutual fund and ETF companies to stick with

  13. How to decide whether to buy long-term care insurance

  14. Why “location, location, location” works for taxes as well as real estate

  15. How my favorite type of IRA account isn’t even an IRA

  16. The 5 reasons to pay taxes on your IRA sooner rather than later

  17. Why your IRA is actually a “ticking time bomb”

  18. How most advisors get paid - and why this is a big problem

As you learn and apply these lessons, I promise you will feel more confident about your retirement!

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