My Ideal Client

Financial advisors are encouraged to identify who their “ideal client” is.

The idea is that it’s just impossible for a financial advisor to be effective if he or she serves a wide variety of different types of clients.

There’s just too much to know.

When you look for a financial advisor, try to figure out who their ideal client really is.

Here’s how I describe my ideal client, for example:

  • You have $1 to 5 million in investable assets (including retirement accounts)
  • You are 45 to 65 years old
  • You believe in low cost (“passive”) investing
  • You don’t think it makes sense to pay an advisor 1% of your portfolio
  • You could use help with both financial planning & investment management
  • You live north of Boston

If it turns out I’m describing you, we should probably talk. Check out my complimentary phone consultation.