Fixed Flat Fee Investment Management & Financial Planning – Regardless Of Your Portfolio Size

Clark_Final-4Don’t make the potentially huge mistake of paying 1% of your portfolio to a financial advisor.

Not only could you be separated from a vast sum of money over time, but your percentage advisor faces all sorts of conflicts of interest that could impact the advice you receive.

(Let’s say you’re thinking of paying off your mortgage – your percentage advisor will benefit if he recommends against you doing this.   To read more about all the problems with the percentage scheme, click here.)

At Clark Asset Management, we’ve sworn off percentages in favor of a client-friendly fixed flat fee for our investment management and financial planning services.   The fee is designed to make you a lot wealthier over time, and to avoid the conflicts of interest in the percentage scheme.

We primarily help pre-retirement couples with $1 to $5 million in investable assets, and we meet clients in 5 offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We believe in evidence-based investing, which means we aim to outperform the stock market…without the reckless attempts to outguess the stock market that so many advisors employ.

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