"The 4 Ways to Pay for Financial Advice in Massachusetts and New Hampshire"

Clark_Final-4If you’re like most investors in Massachusetts and New Hampshire with $1 million or more, you probably haven’t thought too much about how you should actually be paying for financial advice.

You should start thinking about it.

Believe me.

You see, advisors are people and people tend to do what they get paid to do.

It’s just human nature. We respond to incentives.

For example, many advisors charge about 1% of your portfolio each year. This approach looks harmless enough, but can be hazardous to your wealth…and your life goals.

In my free guide, you’ll discover:

  • The psychological “trick” a popular pricing scheme takes advantage of
  • How a wealth manager can legally separate you from $1.4 million
  • 8 specific situations where your wealth manager should “recuse himself”…but won’t
  • 2 ways to pay for financial advice that you may not know are even possible

Whether you’re working with an advisor – or just thinking about it – you owe it to your family’s financial security to download my complimentary guide “4 Ways to Pay for Financial Advice in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.”

Give me 5 minutes, and I just might be able to change your financial life…forever.

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